Collection: Tug Toys

We offer a wide variety of tug toys to satisfy YOUR dog's style of play: whether your dog needs a simple toy to stay focused or would prefer something with lots of fur and tassels to help get them moving - we have you covered!  And if you don't see what you are looking for - CONTACT US and we can help make a custom toy for you and your dog.

Simple tugs and Bungee Tugs

We offer a variety of tug toys to suit different needs and budgets, from our simple hand-brained fleece to more complex toys with bungee handles (to save your shoulders!).

Our standard bungee length is 9 inches of bungee with 7 inches of handle - once a toy is attached this often averages a two-foot long tug.  If you require something a little longer, let us know and we can extend the length of the tug so it is easier to drag.
For ease of use we also offer the "Shorty" bungee option - 4 inches of bungee instead of 9.

Not all tugs are created equal and neither are all dogs; some dogs bite hard and pull hard, others are a bit more gentle and tentative.  Generally speaking, animal hide is best for soft-mouthed dogs, faux fur offers medium bite resistance, whereas the simple toy and bungee toys (like the Megablast or the Milker tugs) are the most durable.  All tugs are designed for cooperative play and are not designed to be left with your dog to chew upon.