Tug Toys

We offer a wide variety of tug toys to satisfy YOUR dog's style of play: whether your dog needs a simple toy to stay focused or would prefer something with lots of fur and tassels to help get them moving - we have you covered!  And if you don't see what you are looking for - CONTACT US and we can help make a custom toy for you and your dog.

Simple tugs and Bungee Tugs

We offer a variety of tug toys to suit different needs and budgets, from our simple hand-brained fleece to more complex toys with bungee handles (to save your shoulders!).

Our standard bungee length is 9 inches of bungee with 7 inches of handle - once a toy is attached this often averages a two-foot long tug.  If you require something a little longer, let us know and we can extent the length of the tug so it is easier to drag.
For ease of use we also offer the "Shorty" bungee option - 4 inches of bungee instead of 9.

Available Fabrics

Fabric Collars

Our fabric flat-buckle and martingale collars are all hand-made in Canada with cotton fabric and nylon core (heavy duty nylon available upon request).  

We have a wide selection of available fabrics (see below) to choose from, but if you don't see what you are looking for, send us an email and maybe we can locate the perfect fabric for you!

All fabric collars are available in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch widths.  Sizes for flat-buckle: Extra Small (), Small (), Medium (), Large () and Extra Large ().  Sizes for Martingale collars:



Browse through our collection of fabrics available for Fabric Collars, Martingale Collars and Slip Leashes. 

Not all fabrics suit all available widths - for example, some of the larger prints would not show up well on 1 inch or narrower collars.

Availability may change - if you are making a custom order please email before paying to ensure your fabric choice is both available and appropriate for the item you wish to have made.

001: 70s Stripes 002: 70s Zig Zag 003: Action Bubble 004: Action Girl
005 Adventure Time 006 Aliens 007 Avacado 008 Ball is Life (Small)
009 Batik Flowers 010 Batman 011 Bead Flowers 012 Bees
013 Big Avengers 014 Big Fish 015 Big Stars 016 Blue-blue mosaic
017 - Blue Brown Mosaic 018 Blue Bubbles 019 Blue Flame 020 Blue Maple
021 Blue Orange Geo 022 Blue Polka 023 Blue Spiral 024 Blue Star Fish
025 Blue Stitch 026 Blue Stripes 027 Blue Tartan 028 Blue Unicorn
029 Blue Wave Batik 030 Bowties 031 Broken Hex 032 Brown Paws
033 Butterflies 034 Black and White Waves 035 Cotton Candy 036 Catalina Rose
037 Celtic Blue 038 Cheer 039 Chipper 040 Colourful Blue Dots
040 Crazy Critters 041 Crazy Spoons 042 Denim Stars 043 Dungeons and Dragons
044 Dragons 045 Dr Who 046 Fire Hydrant 047 Flames
048 Foxes 049 Frenchies 050 Fun Fair 051 Ganja
052 Clouds and Stars (Glows in the Dark!) 053 Glowing Stars (Glows in the Dark!) 054 Gold Stars 055 Green Batik
056 Green Celtic 057 Green Geo 058 Green Morris 059 Green Plaid
060 Grogu 061 Hipster 062 Honeycomb Batik 063 Iron Man
064 Large Hearts 065 Lemon Lime Batik 066 Light Blue Maple 067 Lightning
068 Lime Leaves 069 Lime Stripes 070 Kisses 071 Magenta Stripes
072 Measure Twice 073 Mermaid Tail 074 Mine Craft 075 Mini Potter
076 MJ skulls 077 Monsters 078 Mushrooms 079 Orange Batik
080 Packers 081 Peace Sign 082 Peacock 083 Pink Party
084 Pink Polka 085 Pink Spiral 086 Pink and Yellow Batik 087 Pride
088 Purple Batik Flowers 089 Purple Batik Waves 090 Purple Paws 091 Purple Scrollies
092 Purple Skulls 093 Purple Stars 094 Purple Universe 095 Purple-Yellow Zig Zag
096 Puzzle 097 rainbow celtic 098 Rainbow Diamonds 099 Rainbow Polka
100 Red Brown Batik 101 Red Dragon Scales 102 Red leaf Batik 103 Rainbow Stripes
104 Rainbow Swirls 105 Rainbow with Gold 106 Red Blue Polka 107 Red Maple
108 Red Paws 109 Red Plaid 110 Scooby Do 111 Sesame Street
112 Seus Colours 113 Sheep 114 Small Avengers 115 Small Diamonds
116 Small Hearts 117 Small Pink Unicorn 118 Small Stars 119 Small Sugar Skulls
120 Large Sugar Skulls 121 Small Skull and Bones 122 Space Ships 123 Stars and Stripe Batik
124 Kelpies and Sunflowers 125 Superman 126 Sushi 127 Tardis
128 Tiny Tacos 129 Tye Dye Bones 130 Watermelon 131 Waves
132 Wonderwoman 133 Woodstock 134 Yellow Morris 135 Zoo Animals
Seasonal Fabrics
S001 Night Mares S002 Webs S003 Hocus Pocus S004 Large Skulls
S005 Pumpkins S006 Bats S007 Frankenstein S008 Red and Gold Plaid
S009 Candy Cane S010 Hannukah S011 Trees S012 Prezzies
S013 Gifts and Candy S014 Polar Bears S015 Xmas Faux Knit S016 Peppermints
S017 Xmas Quilt S018 Santa in Green S019 Lights S020 Gingerbread
S021 Red-Green Snowflakes S022 Snowflakes S023 Holly S024 Santa